Do you pull a reefer?

A reefer, as you know, is the diesel-powered refrigeration unit mounted on the front of the trailer. If you do pull a reefer trailer, make sure you always pump this fuel on a separate fuel receipt. You are entitled to a federal tax paid refund on each gallon of reefer fuel. Make sure you or your accountant files IRS Form 4136. You will need the total number of gallons of reefer fuel purchased during the tax year to complete the refund form.

The IRS will send you a check for the federal tax paid on each gallon of fuel. If you failed to file for this refund, it is my understanding that you can file back for the past three (3) years to claim your refund. This is a simple process so don’t hesitate to file.

Never pump reefer fuel on the same fuel receipt when fueling your power unit. This will lower your mpg and cost you more IFTA fuel tax. Also, when the auditor discovers you combined reefer fuel into your power unit fuel, you will be assessed penalties and interest on your IFTA audit.