**We provide this service to carriers based in the entire United States**
With over 33 years experience, we truly specialize in filing these taxes. We offer a superb service for an incredible fee. Don’t be fooled by fees you may pay other agencies for this service.We file all IFTA tax and mileage tax reports for one low cost.

We also offer a special rate for those of you who may only travel two states, or perhaps you only travel occasionally. If you’re off the road for a month because of a major breakdown, illness or any reason, we will waive that monthly fee.

At Nationwide Truckers Permit Service, Inc., there are no binding contracts, no start up fees, no required tax escrows. We do not try to force our clients to do business with us. We want you to take advantage of the services we offer, and stay with us for a long long time. We want and need your business, however, we do not attempt to force you to stay with us.

It takes team work to keep your filing timely and save you money. We need your cooperation to get this job done efficiently and timely. All tax information must be submitted weekly or bi-weekly to allow ample time to process your returns. If you fail to forward fuel and mileage tax information (trip sheets) in a timely manner, or you do not provide accurate information, you will be charged additional fees. You may choose to mail, fax, or E-mail your trip sheets and fuel receipts to us.

Your account will be assigned to one of our fuel tax specialists who will guide you. We offer IFTA approved trip sheets to help you keep accurate information for reporting. It is very important that your fuel and mileage tax information is submitted to us complete and correct. However, your tax specialist will be closely examining each trip sheet for accuracy. They will be looking for such things as missing fuel receipts, missing mileage or even missing trips. You will be contacted immediately if any of these ommissions are discovered. We don’t just report what you send us; we realize sometimes during your busy day, information can be overlooked. Therefore, we try to help you keep your reports as accurate as possible.

Keeping records is very important. Our service bureau keeps all trip sheets and fuel receipts for a minimum of five (5) years. This is required by state auditors. Should your account be choosen for audit, our staff will handle this audit for you.

Please realize, these tax records belong to you. Upon request, these records will be sent to you; however, we do require the client pay shipping fees.

Give us an opportunity to serve you. You may call us toll free (800) 368-3785. Remember, NO VOICE MAIL only real people to serve you. Or, if you choose, you may fax us (540) 433-9512 or send us an E-mail. One of our specialists is ready to help you.


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