(also known as Process Agents or Resident Agents)

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This is a federal requirement. All for-hire motor carriers and freight brokers who engage in interstate transportation, must obtain a BOC-3. You cannot obtain your FMCSA authority without these agents. We include this 48 state agent blanket coverage in our fee when we file for your authority.

People always ask, “Who are these agents and what duties will they perform?” When you purchase a blanket coverage BOC-3 (48 states), you will be given a list of persons; there will be one person from each of the 48 states. Your list will give you your agents’ names, addresses and contact information.

Many people ask, “Will my agent in these states represent me if I have a legal problem?” These agents are designated only to accept and forward legal papers from outside your base state. If you are traveling interstate, and there becomes a need for you to receive a legal document, your agent will be responsible for receiving this document on your behalf and delivering this document to you.

Example: If, in the event, you have an accident, you may receive correspondence for an attorney. Or, maybe a state will need to serve papers because of a pending citation.

The fee for the BOC-3 is referred to as a one time fee. Our blanket provider has offered a superb service for many years. In all reality, it would be quite difficult for anyone to guarantee a one time fee for this service. Actually, we can only say, we feel we use one of the best blanket providers available, and none of our clients have been charged additional fees in the past. Please realize, if legal documents should need to be served, you will be responsible for covering the cost.