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All commercial motor vehicles (except buses) with a gross weight of 60,000 lbs and overtraveling into or through Kentucky must be registered with the state.

Once we have established a KYU highway use tax account in Kentucky for you, it will be necessary to keep the truck information updated. Kentucky requires all units transporting under this KYU # to be registered with their state. If you add a unit, it must be listed in your inventory before the unit enters into Kentucky. Please make sure you let us know if adding units.

All carriers who obtain a KYU # must file and pay mileage tax on a quarterly basis. If our agency is filing your IFTA fuel taxes, we will also file KYU mileage tax reports for no extra charge.

Temporary permits are available for KYU registration; however, we do not recommend this unless it is only a one time trip. Temporary permits are expensive and must be obtained form the state during their office hours.

Please allow 24 hours to secure a KYU # and unit registration.