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All drivers of commercial motor vehicles, who operate interstate, using a vehicle or combination vehicle, with a gross weight of 10,000 lbs or more, and those who transport passengers, both private and for hire, must meet all US DOT requirements. Many motor carriers are not in compliance.

Owner operators are not exempt from these DOT requirements. Often, one of my clients will say to me, “I’m just a one man operation and I don’t need to do all of that.” Wrong! You must comply with these requirements.

We strongly advise all persons and companies to bring their business into compliance NOW.

We offer a package at a very reasonable cost to you. This package contains lots of forms, information and instructions that will help you get into compliance. It’s really not hard to meet these requirements, it just takes a little time and needs to be done. No matter if you are a new entrant or how long you have been providing a transportation service, please let us help you to meet your US DOT requirements today.