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First Unit (includes bond up to 3 units)    $325.00

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Each Additional Unit (on the same order)    $47.00

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All commercial carriers with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 lbs or greater must obtain a temporary or annual permit to travel into or through Oregon. Unlike the rest of the US or Canada, Oregon does not belong to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA Program). You will not be charged for fuel tax; however, you must obtain a proper tax permit before you enter this state. Heavy fines are imposed on carriers entering into Oregon without the proper credentials.

We recommend our clients obtain temporary permits even if only traveling into Oregon occasionally. If your operation takes you to Oregon on a frequent basis, we recommend you be permitted there and obtain annual credentials.

Oregon requires all new entrants to become bonded before permanent credentials are issued. Bonds may be placed by a Surety Company or posted with cash. The size of you fleet will determine the amount of the bond required. For example, the bond requirement to open an account is generally $2,000.00 for carriers with 1 to 3 power units that travel to Oregon.

If you choose to obtain annual credentials, you are required to obtain annual credentials, file a monthly mileage tax report and pay all tax due. This is mandatory for the first year. If all monthly reports are filed and paid timely, Oregon usually allows you to move this reporting requirement to a quarterly basis.

If our agency files your IFTA tax, we will file your Oregon mileage monthly reports for an additional fee of $10.00 per month. Once your Oregon reporting status is changed to quarterly reporting and provided we continue to file your IFTA tax, we will file your mileage tax report atno extra charge.

Surety Companies will require credit approval before issuing your bond. If we are unable to obtain your Oregon surety bond, we will refund the bond cost included in this price.